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Started from a simple desire and love for chocolate chip cookies, owner and founder Cheria Meaux developed the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe to fulfill her love for the simple confection. Store bought cookies, pre-made refrigerated cookie dough never hit that “sweet spot” of chocolate cookie goodness! After years of baking and sharing her love of chocolate chip cookies with family and friends, Cheria gained a following of loyal customers who started paying for what some have called her “chocolate chip cookie crack”! Occasional cookie bake sales morphed into something bigger, from which Chipped Cookie Company was born. Chipped Cookie Company now offers a variety of flavors and has a cookie for every taste bud!

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Cookie Consulting & Cookie Scouting.

Fresh baked cookies will always be in demand! Join the Chipped Cookie Company team as a Cookie Consultant

or a Cookie Scout and earn some extra cash.

Here’s how it works:

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